Choirs and Music

  At Lewisham we love music and there are quite a few groups, choirs and chorales that you can participate in or you can listen to to hear the Gospel message through song. Our church choir is the flagship musical group of our church but there are other groups such as Voices in Praise, the […]

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Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs – For children of all ages!

Enjoy backpacking? Biking? Canoeing? Caving? Camping? Want to be an active young Christian on an adventure with friends who love Jesus? Then join the Pathfinder Club! Club members enjoy club meetings, camping, and service adventures designed to develop Christ-like citizens. The main Club consists of several groups which do activities suitable for different age ranges: […]

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Deaf Ministries

Our church has recently established a Deaf Ministries department whose aim is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Deaf. Although we’ve only just started up we already have the following: BSL interpretation during our main 11am Sabbath services Weekly Bible Studies for the Deaf, each Saturday at 3pm Regular Introduction to British […]

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Family Ministries

Many of us hear the word family and think of the stereotypical family with Dad, Mum, two children, a dog, a car and a house in the suburbs. This is a family, but it represents only a small minority of the families in our society today. Both the bible and the contemporary behavioral sciences offer […]

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Children’s Ministries

Children are a very important part of life at our church and we have quite a few programmes geared towards bringing them up in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). We have weekly Children’s Sabbath school for all ages: babies and toddlers, primary ages, teenagers and youth. Here we try to teach […]

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Women’s Ministries

There are over one hundred and sixty women mentioned in the Bible. Although not all of their names were written down, their deeds were, thus showing us the part they, too, played in history. If we were asked to name women who played a role in Bible history, we would probably repeat many of the […]

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The purpose of the Adventist Youth Society is to facilitate and support the ministry of the Church in winning, training, holding, and reclaiming its youth. It is the goal of the Adventist Youth Society to involve all young people in meaningful activities which will tie them closer to the church and train them for useful […]

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Health Ministries

Improving and maintaining your health is a top priority for the Lewisham Adventist Church. From support groups to classes to Health Fairs, there are many different ways to learn more about good health at Lewisham. This year we’ll be having quite a few health events which everyone is invited to. At all of them there will […]

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Soup Kitchen

Every Thursday at 6 we hold a Soup Kitchen that aims to help those in our community who are a little less fortunate. It serves more than 30 persons each week, giving them a nutritious meal and listening ear and a place of refuge for a short time.

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Prayer Ministries

There is power in prayer. Come and join us for our Prayer Power Hour of prayer and praise. We welcome one and all to Lewisham Prayer ministries times of prayer. If you have any prayer requests or you would like us to pray for any request of yours, you can contact us at this email […]

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