Diabetes Training Course – October 2014

Health is a topic that our government, councils, and even the media all seem to weigh in on regularly. It seems modern life has helped people generally to be less healthy than their ancestors even with all of the conveniences, vast array of foods and exercise that we have access to. So-called “lifestyle” illnesses are on the increase as well as obesity and death due to certain causes.


The Health Department at Lewisham Seventh-day Adventist Church wants to help reverse some of these trends! They are taking their mandate seriously and continue to provide timely, interesting and practical help for those in the local community who need help.

This time they arranged a 6 week course on Diabetes, conducted by Gloria Simon of Fulham, an experienced and professional presenter. The course covered how to control the glycemic index, body weight and blood pressure, help in preventing it while also helping those who already have the condition to successfully manage it.


9 of the 17 attendees were from the local community, with the others coming from our church and it was noted that they all thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal that they could put to use. One of the participants learned so much she expressed an interest in becoming an assistant to the presenter for future sessions!


Well done to our Health Team for another well-executed programme that can help people to improve the quality of their lives.


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