Homecoming Day December 2017

The alarm was sounded and the people responded: Lewisham SDA church welcomed first time visitors as well as those who were returning to their home church after a prolonged absence.

Despite the harsh cold outside, the warmth could be felt around the sanctuary. The theme ‘Sound the Alarm’ was reinforced throughout the day. Even the weather outside versus the atmosphere inside pointed us to the long awaited day of our Lord’s second advent.

In divine hour, the children were reminded about Noah, Jonah and other servants of God who were given a message from God to save His people. We were reminded that God’s love is constant and that He warns us, in good time, so we can reach safety. The alarm must be obeyed if we want to be saved.  We must draw nigh when He may be found so that we can read the signs.

Next, we were blessed by the voices of the London Male Choir who also sang in anticipation looking of getting home: no more sorrow and no more pain. Home is where the heart needs to be focused.  To be at home means peace, joy, warm embraces and to be able to sit at the feet of our Lord and Saviour.

Also, Lewisham’s very own senior choir delivered a beautiful rendition: God is great, God is good and merciful.   The doors to the kingdom are open wide for all wishing to enter. Blessings are free for all those who accept it and sometimes we are even blessed while we are yet to surrender… what a thought!

Pastor Kirk Thomas’ message ‘Churched Out ‘ focused experiences of discouragement and suffering which sometimes causes confusion when we look those outside who have not given their lives, revel  in iniquity yet seem to be doing great.  Sometimes we can be churched out and we wonder. We lament, at times, as exemplified in Psalms 73, which is full of the frustrations and conflicts faced by Asaph.  We sometimes stumble and slip but ultimately, we need to hold fast and remain under His wings.

The congregation was positioned to reflect on our doubts and our faith.  We were truly blessed by the speaker of the hour.

Homecoming days remind us of the homecoming which  is foretold, that which will come when Jesus returns for His people.  We are reassured that His arms are still open. But, time is drawing to a close…

‘Ye who are weary come home’ Is His plea…why don’t you come home today?

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