Lewisham Men United For A Cause

One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, some of the men of Lewisham Church came together to for a good cause. A call went out via the Lewisham “Men’s Action Group” What’s App list and all available rallied together to help one of the senior citizens at our church who needed a garden and house clean-up. An example of “modern technology” at work for good, if ever you needed one!

They came out, the young, and not so young, and worked together to move, dump and clean. At the end of the session there were delicious refreshments laid out for them. A good workman should never go hungry!

Well done men in not neglecting “the widows or fatherless”. This is a great work!

If you know of anyone in our Lewisham or Catford community who needs assistance, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Email: info@lewishamadventist.org.uk

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