Lewisham Pathfinders at Bromley High Street Garden

For one weekend, part of Bromley High Street was turned into a garden, with grass and plants transforming the grey concrete into a lush, green area to promote the council’s plans for enhancement. Members from Lewisham’s Pathfinder Club and Drum Corps were there to showcase their skills and talents and tell the community about themselves and what their group has to offer.

The High Street Garden was part of a range of initiatives designed to enhance the town centre, and show residents the plans for future projects the council will be undertaking. The Lewisham Pathfinder Club took the opportunity to be there and share their club’s ethos and principles in order to show the local community what they do and encourage more young people to join.

The Lewisham Drum Corp was one of the main attractions of the morning and they showed their skills and captured the attentions of those passing by with their complicated rhythms and well-orchestrated routines. While the people listened, the Pathfinders spoke to them and delivered questionnaires to determine the needs of children in the area. The aim of the Pathfinder Club is to promote positive influences in the youth and ¬†give them an alternative type of recreation to most of those found in today’s society; one that gives them good, solid values.
Many shoppers, residents, visitors and interested passers-by filled the busy town centre during Sunday’s activities and the Pathfinders were there to speak to them and ask them questions regarding their children and what they wanted for them. They also conducted a short survey to help understand the needs of the parents and guardians.

The Club did a great job of promoting their organisation, with several people expressing an interest in their children attending, and the Town Centre Manager thanking them for a job well done.

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