Pathfinder Day 2014

Our recent Pathfinder day was both ordinary and extraordinary. How could it be both, you ask? Well, Lewisham’s Pathfinder club (encompassing the young Eager Beavers, the Adventurers and the older Master Guides, as well as the Pathfinders) is well established and they and the club’s Drum Corps has gained a position of excellence and are known for good things, both in our local community and in the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and beyond. This year’s Pathfinder Day was no exception to the amazing work they’ve done so far, with all aspects of the day well showcasing the talents of our young people.

However it was extraordinary in that in addition to the usual Sabbath School, Divine Service and AY church services that they took charge of, a highlight of the day was a march to Lewisham Town Centre where the drumming and marching skills of Lewisham as well as several visiting groups were highlighted to the shoppers there. Several hundred well-dressed youth, marching in time and promoting positive Christian values, stopping traffic and turning heads is surely a site to behold! You could tell by the reactions of some of those people that they’d never seen anything like it!

Along the way, many leaflets highlighting the Lewisham Pathfinder club were given out to the persons en route who were curious about who those disciplined and well-dressed young people were. As a result, several new contacts have come to join the already oversubscribed club since then. Club leader, Jenny Anti, said the club has been blessed that it has so many youth willing to join and the club is bursting at the seams. It’s already topping 150 young people who come from the community as well as our church.

During the day’s main church service, the main speaker was Pastor Aldray Barwise, who spoke on the topic ‘From Bitter To Sweet’. While himself a Master Guide, he apologised for his lack of uniform, but it wasn’t missed, as he gave the church a timely and moving message.

A special thanks goes to our friends and supporters from other groups such as Brixton, Stanborough and all the others who visited and participated.

God has truly blessed our young people. We pray for the continued hard work and success of Lewisham’s uniformed groups. Keep it up!

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