Pathfinder Investiture Day 2018

Children Living for God – A  Service to Celebrate Hard Work

Lewisham’s Pathfinders, supported by clubs from other churches, came out in full force and were lovely to behold. As expected, uniforms were well presented and sashes displayed the life and survival skills they have mastered – represented by various colourful badges.

The Builder’s class welcomed the congregation and it was like the warmer temperature outside: we were blessed by sunny smiles, bright dispositions and a poem, which made both members and visiting friends feel at home.

To start Devine Hour, the drum corps led the procession into the church. This marked one of the highlights of the day; it is a part of the programme that many look forward to because of its precision and pomp. The Pathfinder pledge and law were recited to remind us of our mission. Likewise, the song ‘Oh, We Are the Pathfinders Strong’ rung out. It was sung with zest by Pathfinders both old and new, little and large, past and present. The words of the song signify aspects of a Christian character: to serve God and others.

Next, we were blessed with special item by the Pathfinders. ‘Every Praise’ should be to our God!  This was yet another reminder of the whole purpose and duty of man and was a fitting way to prepare hearts for the spiritual food to follow.

‘Ashamed of Our Faith ‘ was the topic of the hour. The main scripture reading was from Philippians 1:20-21, which is about living for Christ and being willing to die for Him in view of the blessed hope that is eternal life.

The sermonette clearly alluded to many other Biblical texts and promises such as John 12:48:  “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.”

Khepri Matthews, who was the visiting young speaker and Pathfinder from Tottenham, asked us to examine our hearts and consider our motivations – to assess whether we are ashamed to tell others about Jesus or to stand up for Biblical truths. Despite the press and noise of the secular world, we were giving words to strengthen the heart so we can be faithful to profess the Jesus is Lord.

The solution offered was to be bold and cast out fear.  This prompts us to recall the text ‘perfect love casteth out all fear’. If we live righteously, then our expectations and hope will be strong.  To conclude, Khepri poignantly suggested that if we are afraid, perhaps it might mean that we have unconfessed sins that we need to bring to the cross and seek cleansing and forgiveness.

Despite his youth, his words were powerful – coming straight from the throne of God. All were encouraged to reflect on our relationship with our Father and develop a willingness to go on His errands with confidence…

Finally, the current and future stewards of the gospel demonstrated their learning and knowledge of God and were duly awarded with their honours. Each received their awards with pride as they came to the platform and shook hands with the leaders from Lewisham and supporting churches. Some lucky pathfinders were asked questioned about what they had to do in order to achieve their awards. They explained confidently and clearly.

Well done all!

It was indeed blessed day…

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