Reasons For Our Praise – Music Day 2014

Our church is blessed in that in addition to the wonderful fellowship, interesting and timely messages we get weekly, we have praise leaders, singers and musicians who lead out in music and song during the services. Last Sabbath was different though, in that it was actually designated as Music Day!

The entire day had an emphasis on music and song. From the Sabbath school where it ended in a sing-along featuring the Lewisham Church choir and many members of the congregation, to the AYS service in the evening where many local singers displayed their talents. It was of particular note that during the afternoon’s service there were several groups who formed on the day yet who still managed to put a good effort forward!

The midday service was also different than usual because instead of having one sermon and some musical items it was replaced with several short presentations where the members of the music team put forth their ‘Reasons For My Praise’, and each was followed by several musical items by some of our local talent. Presentations were given by Music Director Terrence Blackman, young Jonessa Parchment, Chelayne Nelson and Justin Victor, with the rousing conclusion done by Sarah Itam. Musical presentations included those done by Tanesha Blackman, Brenda Parchment, Devina Cooke and Michelle Homer.

You can see video footage from the service at our church’s media centre:

We hope to see you at our next musical programme.

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