The Time is Now Launch

Sabbath 28th April 2018.

During Sabbath School, we reflected on the lesson. It was about the love Jesus shows us and the everlasting Gospel. Because we have an assurance of salvation, we need to spread the Gospel and the love of God to those shrouded in the darkness of this world.

Community Services informed us about some of the work they have done and other projects we have supported – specifically the Pretty Box charity, which was started by someone in the community.  The project supports girls in Uganda by supplying them with feminine hygiene products so they don’t miss school. The message for the year is ‘let the mission field be here!’ All are encouraged to contribute to the work we have been commissioned to do by God by putting love into action!

Divine hour began with praises to The Most High.  Sweet melodies were lifted to heaven. Because of who He is, we worship Him … Hallelujah!

Dr Dowding was the speaker to break the bread of life and start the campaign and below the main ideas are outlined:

Luke Chapter 15 was the Scripture reading, ‘The Prodigal Son’ was the focus and then ‘The Parable of the Lost Sheep’ and ‘The Lost Coin’ were also explored and the connections made clear.

Luke distinguishes two types of sinners – the wealthy (the tax collectors) and the poor.

One question Dr Dowding asked was ‘What was the purpose of Christ on Earth?’ He welcomed and continues to welcome all sinners!  He draws them in, eats with them and talks with them and converts them through the love he displays.  We are reminded that ‘He came for us’ and our mission is to do draw in our fellow man with the same love.

‘The Lost Coin’ symbolises that sometimes those in the house can be lost… but we all need to ensure that everyone in the Church has the light to lead them back (the lamp is the Word of God).

The Prodigal Son wanted city life and all the ‘fleshy’ pleasures the world can give, which ultimately led to loneliness. He was allowed to leave his father’s home as God allows us to leave. The Prodigal got so low that he desired the food of swine! He had lost his senses and wanted things that were senseless (perhaps symbolising the sinful acts and pleasures we so often desire) but then he finally came to his senses and decided to return home. The heart of the father is that of the heart of God.

Even when in the pig pen, Abba (Father) promises never to leave us… Romans 2 tells us that the goodness of God leads and pushes us to a consciousness of our state.  The warning Dr Dowling gave is that when this happens, we must do something to change our state – at that time – or risk remaining there forever.

Why couldn’t he have come to his senses before? Because there are noises around us. We can’t hear or understand the Words of God until we have spent time alone to know ourselves.

We are all broken, Prodigal Sons scarred with the sins of this life. However, we just need to make a conscious decision to follow Christ. Remember that it doesn’t matter what the Church thinks – some won’t be happy when you come home.  This is symbolised by the brother who didn’t want to celebrate because he was lost, although he remained in his father’s house the house.  But, what is most important is that the Father will be overjoyed…

The appeal is for us to come home.  The time is now!

Why don’t you come home?


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