Our Church History – part 1

The Church Site In Older Times


Here’s a bit of research on the local history of our church.

The site that our church now occupies has had an interesting history.

It was built on the gardens of a building called ‘The Priory’.


The Priory was the home of John Thackeray, who built and endowed Thackeray’s almshouses in 1840 in order to provide rest for ‘6 aged females’.

Thackeray was a local scholar and governor of Bluecoat school. He died in 1851


The house was built in gothic style.


The Priory was demolished in 1932



There was a stream that ran behind the Priory. It was unintentionally drained when a sewer was built.

The location of our building what was originally the stable block.

When originally built in 1898, it was originally called ‘Heathville’.


Its first owner was Walter Charles Smith, who was a licenced publican.

It was one of a pair of semi-detatched houses called ‘The Accacias’.

In 1912 it became the YMCA.


In 1934 it closed and the building was sold to the Seventh-day Adventists. It was then known as ‘Lewisham Advent Church’.


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