Family Ministries

Many of us hear the word family and think of the stereotypical family with Dad, Mum, two children, a dog, a car and a house in the suburbs. This is a family, but it represents only a small minority of the families in our society today.

Both the bible and the contemporary behavioral sciences offer a much larger prospective on the nature of a family. A single parent with children, a retired couple, a blended family, single adults sharing an apartment, a childless couple, all these and more represent families in our world today: families who can benefit from the international ministry of the church.


So how can we share and promote a healthy and strong family within and outside of the church? Why not start with these few tips:

SPEAK TO PEOPLE; there is nothing as nice as a cheerful greeting, it takes 72 muscles to frown and only 14 to smile.

CALL PEOPLE BY NAME; everyone is pleased when you remember their name.

BE FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL; and others will respond in a like manner.

SPEAK AND ACT; as if everything you do were a genuine pleasure.

BE GENUINELY; interested in people.

BE GENEROUS; with praise and cautious criticism.

BE CONSIDERATE; with the feeling of others it will be appreciated.

BE THOUGHFUL; of the opinion of others, there are 3 sides to controversy yours, the other persons and the truth.

BE WILLING; to give service, what counts most in life is what you do for others.


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