Have some summer fun!

It’s summer, the days are long and it’s hot (some of the time…).
What more reason do you need to go and have some fun?
Here are 2 upcoming trips for you to break out the shorts and shades:
1) Trip to Thorpe Park, organised by the Youth Department. Sunday August 7. You are welcome to invite your friends and family of all ages. The price for admission and transportation is £25 for children under 12 and £30 for over 12s. Contact Anna Kay or anyone on the AY team for details.
2) If that sounds like a bit too much excitement for you, Bournemouth may be more your speed. The Living Water Club and the Social Committee are organising a Trip to Bournemouth on Sunday July 24. Speak to Juster or a member of the social committee if you want to go.  

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