Lewisham Youth Awarded

Youth from Lewisham were recently given special recognition for the good work they have done for the community by a visiting dignitary.
Her Majesty’s Lieutenant of the City of London was at Lewisham Seventh-day Adventist church on Saturday February 23 to recognise work done by the youth.
Simon Duckworth presented certificates of recognition to those who had acted as stewards or played with the drum corps during the 2012 Olympics. He made the presentation on behalf of Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham.
He not only recognised the good work the church’s youth did during the 2012 Olympics but urged them to continue with work that benefits the community as part of the Pathfinder club. Mr Duckworth was at Lewisham church for the group’s annual Investiture day, where the returning members were given a charge at the beginning of their next stage in the group and the club’s new members inducted.
During his speech he mentioned that he was happy to see whole families as well as youth in attendance at the church service and remarked that our society would be all the better for it if more of people would follow their example. He was also proud to see the Union Jack flying along with the flag of the Pathfinder club.
Well done!
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