Our Children Helping Those In Need

ADRA UK is a charity organisation that helps people in different areas of the world who are in need of development and relief and also in times of disaster. The current projects that they are undertaking are reducing poverty in Myanmar, helping farmers in Burkina Faso and helping people with special needs get access to services in the United Kingdom.




Each year our church raises money for ADRA UK during the annual Ingathering appeal in April and May and we’ve always done an amazing job of raising many thousands of pounds with the assistance of our local community, friends and families.


In addition to that, this year some of our children took part in a special sponsored ride to help in the fundraising initiative. It took place at Ladywell fields and they were successful in raising over £120.



We’re grateful for the dedicated and unselfish young people that we have who have done what they can to assist others less fortunate than them.

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