Men Succeed at London to Brighton

Last week a few of the men from our church rode from London to Brighton in aid of ADRA UK. In the process they raised more than £1900 for a worthy organisation ADRA UK. This year, ADRA has provided disaster relief in Sri Lanka (flooding), Nigeria (refugees), Vanuatu (Cyclone Pam response), Chile (Flash floods), and Nepal (earthquake response) and it also has ongoing long term projects in Laos, Tanzania, Myanmar and Burkina Faso among others. You may notice that there are several young men who made the ride, one of whom was baptised just the day before. This is great for a few reasons: We think it’s a very positive thing that our young men can be mentored by the older ones, and it’s beneficial that the older men can be kept on their toes by the ‘young guns’. I’m sure there was more than a bit of 'manly posturing' and ‘sprinting while dead-tired’ going on, but all in the best of spirits!We're very proud of our men and the fantastic contribution they've made to a worthy cause. You can also donate to ADRA UK here.

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