Pastor Jaime Kowlessar visits Lewisham

On Sabbath, 18th June, Lewisham church was visited by Pastor Jaime Kowlessar who hails from Dallas, Texas.Those who attended camp meeting recently were privileged enough to hear him speak, before his visit to Lewisham.Pastor Kowlessar's vigour and energy were well received amongst the members of the congregation as he delivered his message, giving an interesting insight on the story of Elisha and the Shunammite woman.Through a lively and animated journey through scripture, combined with a series of humorous anecdotes, Pastor taught us a valuable lesson about receiving blessings in the way God wishes us to receive them.The Pastor emphasised, that like the Shunammite woman, we will often gain blessings, only to have them taken away. He compared the trials we face in our lives to diminished chords; an abrupt change in an otherwise consistent piece of music.He explained that God often sends trials in order to shake us and stop us from becoming complacent. The diminished chord serves to make the listener appreciate the sweeter melody. As trials in our lives help to make us grateful for life's positive experiences.His message made 1-hour feel like 15 minutes and his preaching left the congregation wanting more. It is safe to say that after a visit from Pastor Kowlessar, Lewisham congregation were truly blessed and all who were present eagerly await his next Niquella Simpson-West.


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